Everything is ready for the private screening of the documentary, exclusively for our members

Our “Secret Session” is ready.

The documentary is currently in the process of selection for festivals and purchase of rights. Currently the film has already been bought by some TV channels and awarded by some of the most renowned festivals in the industry. It is for this reason, to preserve the exclusivity of the documentary, that we can not publish anything about it, only that it is a real pride and pleasure to share with our members the successes of our partners.

“I decided to tell this story to vindicate our right to dream. I am convinced that dreaming brings us closer to our emotions and that it is through emotion that we can take action, evolving as a society. Dreaming, moreover, commits us to a goal, assuming a responsibility. Both filmmaking and work (when it is lived as a purpose) are an open door to dreams.”

Author of the documentary.

Questions and discussion

At the end of the half-length film, round of questions and discussion with the director of the documentary.

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