We are located
on the 2ond floor
of this unique building
of industrial aesthetics,
located at the bottom
from the neighborhood of Gràcia,
next to Passeig de Gràcia
with Diagonal

Sant Agustí 5

A building with a lot of history
full of talent

Singular Makers Lab

A place with a lot of soul, designed by us
down to the last detail

Some details of comfort

Coffee beans
Freshly ground with the perfect aroma for foodies

Smart lighting
Regulate the light of your desk, it is also ergonomics

A space to leave your office supplies or your helmet

Food box
Keep your favorite snacks safe

Plug & play
Get the most out of your setup from day one


Technical details

Actiu chair
Maximum comfort with a high-end certified chair

Smart accesses
Open doors with the swipe of a finger

Make your reservations from anywhere

Professional printer
A3 / A4 / A5 color laser multifunction printer

1 GB Simètric
Cat ethernet cable 6 and UniFi Wi-Fi devices


We help you
to grow

Here we do not sell anything, we just put our network of partners at your fingertips, with agreements and discounts applied to all their services.

An ecosystem created during more than 10 years of company life, developing innovation and entrepreneurship projects, which offers all the trust and personalized treatment.


Self-employed or company, outsource your tax management. Labor procedures, company creation, taxes, invoices… Hire a monthly plan or schedule an hourly consultancy for questions that don’t let you sleep.


Don’t worry and solve any problem with advice and technical support on your hardware equipment, networks, cloud computing, migrations, data science, software engineering and mobile apps.


Create or optimize your website from its design to its publication and positioning. Programming, online store, corporate website, SEO, copy, translations…


Protect your creativity and your inventions. Registration of trademarks, patents, utility models and all administrative management.


Design and development, prototyping, product, production and market launch.


Donde estamos

We’ll see you
at work 😉