Do the test

In the singularity of each one, there is plurality. What is your singular personality?

The Singular Types test is an investigation into the multiple personalities that are part of a coworking community, physical and digital, based on MTBI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) studies and experience in coworking community management for more than 10 years. We invite you to explore and answer these 12 questions, to learn about the strengths and challenges of your personality. Something that might help you understand and appreciate how you handle a situation, task, or problem. Wondering things, ultimately, contributes to this idea.

These personality types are not categorical. During the course of our professional and personal life, we change, even at certain moments or stages, we can become another person. Singular Types gives us the possibility to inspire ourselves, make us reflect on how our personality is structured and how these aspects of personality relate to each other, as well as to our peers.

How it started

The Singular Cowork Types project was born in 2018, as a wrapping paper for a personalized bottle of cava to give to all members of our community. 16 types of personalities with a brief description of each one, to represent and identify each of us in one of them. An idea that arose with the main purpose of thanking and capturing the human wealth that makes up our community in Singular Cowork, our daily universe. Because precisely in the uniqueness of each one, lies the magic of the group. Something very obvious in the distance, and something very beautiful in the proximity when you live it and are part of it every day. Silent with his sincere glances of complicity, Happy with his good morning full of energy, Punctual with his insightful comments full of humor, Homemade with his conciliatory and relaxed manner, Talker with his random coffee-in-hand conversations...

Today, January 2023, we once again thank each one of you, more than ever, for your contribution and presence, in a wonderful community full of talent and hu