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Creativity and innovation through socio-technological development projects.

The Ateneu de Fabricació Digital de Gràcia, is a space for creation and training linked to new technologies and, in particular, to 3D digital fabrication.

The space is equipped with software and manufacturing machines that allow the whole community to turn their ideas and concepts into useful physical products.

In a remodeled former industrial building, the Ateneu de Fabricació Digital de Gràcia is born as the fifth facility of the network of athenaeums in Barcelona. A space oriented to creativity and digital production projects, textile, and biomaterials that seek to redesign the society of the future.

work spaces


1. Textile and fashion, with a digital embroidery machine and various sewing machines available.

2. Digital and electronic manufacturing, with various types of 3D printing machines and programming material available.

3. Biomaterials and biotechnology laboratory, is prepared with tools and devices for the development of new materials adapted to the demands of the hyper-technological future.

4. The “Taller brut” is intended mainly for the manufacture of heavier or large elements. For this reason, the space is equipped with a laser cutting machine, milling machines of different formats, a vinyl cutting machine, etc.

There is also a large open multi-purpose space, called the Agora, where exhibitions, workshops and conferences can be organized, and three more small work spaces.

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