We created a personality test for the entire global coworking community.

A test carried out entirely by our members for self-knowledge and fun of the multiple personalities that make up the coworking world.

In the uniqueness of each one, there is plurality. What is your unique personality?

The Singular Types test is a research on the multiple personalities that are part of a coworking community, physical and digital, based on MTBI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) studies and experience in managing coworking communities for more than 10 years. We invite you to explore and answer these 12 questions to learn about your personality strengths and challenges. Something that may help you understand and appreciate how you handle a situation, task or problem. Asking yourself questions, in short, contributes to this idea.

These personality types are not categorical. During the course of our professional and personal lives, we change, and at certain times or stages, we may even become someone else. Singular Types gives us the possibility to inspire us, to make us reflect on how our personality is structured and how these personality aspects relate to each other, as well as to our colleagues.


Marc Navarro / Coworking Consultant
Daniel Fernández
/ Programmer
Maite Osorio / Psychologist
Judit Torrent / Communication and visula editing
Arnau Miquel / Fonuder of Singular Cowork & creative activist

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